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How to enter


A guide to entering the Appsters


  1. Review the guidance on this page thoroughly.
  2. Decide which category(s) you wish to enter by visiting our categories page.
  3. Ensure you allow enough time for any internal or client sign off
  4. Right click "save link as" to download & complete the entry template
  5. Return to the website, complete the online form and upload your entry & supporting evidence (if applicable) by 5th September
  6. Once your entry has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email
  7. If you are entering multi awards an entry must be submitted for each category to wish to enter

Who can enter?

The awards are open to brands, app developers, and creative agencies, mobile marketing agencies, technology providers.  Entry may be made directly by the company or via an agency on behalf of their client.

Entry may be for multiple categories however entries must be tailored to fit the category.

Submission format

  1. All submissions must be submitted online by the deadline. Once your application has been received you will be emailed confirmation of entry.
  2. Your written entry must be no more than the equivalent of two sides of A4.  It is recommended that your entries are submitted as a PDF.
  3. The completed entry may be accompanied if desired by supporting evidence if you feel it adds value to your entry. This could be in the form of an image, PowerPoint file or PDF.

Judging process

Our panel of judges will be asked to review & score entries on the below elements, we recommend you follow this guideline when putting together your entry(s).

  1. Objective
    Entries should include clear evidence of well thought-out objectives and overall strategy
  2. Execution
    Describe how your strategy was successfully executed
  3. Innovation and Uniqueness
    Aim to demonstrate as best you can your innovation and uniqueness to the judges
  4. Feasibility
    Define the need, opportunity and commercial feasibility of the entry
  5. Measuring and Demonstrating Success
    Demonstrate how success was measured, detail how the nomination met its objectives and was deemed a success
  6. Category Relevance
    Explain how the nomination exemplifies outstanding achievement in its specific award category
  7. User Experience
    Describe how you’ve ensured that the app provides a consistently good user experience without causing trouble to the user or the device

Important dates:

  • 23rd May - 5th September: Entry submission period
  • 6th Oct: Shortlist Announced (week commencing)
  • 12th Nov: The Awards


Submissions should relate to activity within the eligibility period of August 2013 — August 2014

Commercial confidence

For your entry to be fully assessed it is extremely important that you provide as much detail as possible. In particular, figures relating to the ROI or /and achieved results. Greater transparency with the judges will enable them to score you fairly.

All judges sign an NDA before participating and judges will not be involved in any categories where a commercial conflict could arise. We may use snippets and summaries from entries for publication in post event material, if you do not want any of your entry made public it is essential that any information that is commercially sensitive be clearly marked as 'Judges eyes only'.

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